Keep Power L2 LCD charger for lithium-ion batteries

Keep Power L2 LCD charger for lithium-ion batteries

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Keep Power L2 charger has two independently functioning charging slots, LCD status display for real-time display of charging voltage and battery status in percent. Automatic shut-off when fully charged.
 Keep Power L2 LCD intelligent charger for lithium-ion batteries
 .Lademöglichkeit: Compatible with all USB connections to 5V 2,100mA output. (Computer, laptop, Power Bank, USB power supplies)
 Following Li-Ion battery types can be loaded:
 3.6V and 3.7V Li-ion batteries
 Recommended charging current selection via soft switch:
 Charging current 0.5A (500mAh): 10440/14430/14500/14650/16340/18350
 Charging current 1.0A (1000mAh): 14650/16650/17500/17670/18500/18650/22500/26500/26650
 3.6V and 3.7V Li-ion batteries
 Product Information:
 Model L2 V1
 Independent switch off charging when battery is full
 simple uncomplicated operation
 Charging is carried out by self-testing and analysis of the battery with 500 mA charge current completely automatically
 High security by protecting electronic overvoltage, overload and reverse polarity protection Kurzschluss.-
 Suitable for Li-ion batteries
 Charge current through soft switch available: 0.5A (500mA) or 1A (1000mA)
 Charge Mode CC-CV (constant current constant voltage)
 LCD status display
 Producer Page:
 Scope of supply: Keep Power Charger L1 (black), USB charging cable, USB power adapter: DC 5.0V - 2000mA



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